The Hidden Dangers of 24×7 Operation: Why Allowing Malls and Eateries to Stay Open in Mumbai Is a Risky Decision

In a city that never sleeps, the recent decision to allow malls and eateries to operate 24×7 in Mumbai has been met with mixed reactions. While some see it as a progressive move that will boost the economy, others are concerned about the potential risks and hidden dangers associated with this decision. This article aims to shed light on the potential risks and challenges of this decision, and why it might not be as beneficial as it initially seems.

The Risk of Increased Crime Rates

One of the major concerns associated with 24×7 operations of malls and eateries is the potential increase in crime rates. Late-night operations could potentially attract unsavoury elements, leading to an increase in incidents of theft, vandalism, and other crimes. This not only poses a risk to the safety of the customers but also to the staff working during these hours.

The Challenge of Ensuring Employee Welfare

Operating 24×7 means that employees will have to work in shifts, some of which might be during the late hours of the night. This could lead to health issues due to disrupted sleep patterns and increased stress levels. Moreover, ensuring the safety of employees, especially women, during late-night shifts is another challenge that needs to be addressed.

The Environmental Impact

Keeping malls and eateries open 24×7 means increased energy consumption. This could lead to a significant increase in the city’s carbon footprint, contributing to environmental degradation. Moreover, the increased waste generation from these establishments, if not managed properly, could lead to sanitation issues.

The Strain on Public Infrastructure

24×7 operations could potentially lead to increased traffic congestion and noise pollution, especially in residential areas. This could disrupt the peace and tranquillity of the neighbourhoods and strain the already overburdened public infrastructure.

The Risk of Diluting Cultural Values

While this might not seem like a direct risk, the move towards a 24×7 lifestyle could potentially dilute the cultural values and traditions of the city. The traditional work-life balance could be disrupted, leading to a shift in societal norms and values.

In conclusion, while the decision to allow 24×7 operations of malls and eateries in Mumbai might seem like a progressive move, it is important to consider the potential risks and challenges associated with it. It is crucial to strike a balance between economic development and the welfare of the society and the environment.

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